The Gift of You

ElderHouse offers individuals many diverse opportunities to volunteer. Whether it is helping a senior build a birdhouse or providing leadership for a major fundraising effort, we promise you a rewarding volunteer experience.

Program Volunteers
Many program volunteers work directly with the seniors by participating in scheduled activities including café, games, crafts, modified sports and music. Other volunteers come to ElderHouse to entertain us and enrich our days. Musicians, singers, dancers, school children, pets, artists, chefs, craft makers and community groups come to perform and share their talents.

Fundraising Volunteers
The ElderHouse Benefit Committee hosts fundraising events each year. We welcome volunteers to help design, plan and assist us in reaching our fundraising goals.

Profession Service
Individuals with a few hours to spare and experience in marketing, social media, or computers provide a valuable service to our organization.

Small Group Projects
ElderHouse invites small groups of friends and colleagues to participate in volunteer work projects. Activities include mailing projects, cleaning, landscaping and painting.

Ask about our volunteering opportunities at 203-847-1998. Or, contact us through email at [email protected]