Recreation Programs


Active social engagement is a key ingredient to promoting self-esteem and a more positive outlook. ElderHouse is an environment where seniors can easily engage with others around shared interests and activities. Staff encourages clients to try new programs and foster new friendships. Within a short period of time, clients adopt a sense of belonging and look forward to ongoing participation at ElderHouse.

Therapeutic Activities

A team of recreation specialists plans daily activities around individual and small-group interests. Daily offerings including current events, exercise, music, art, games, and entertainment, engage clients in meaningful and fun programs promoting better health and well-being. Addressing the special interests of our clients, ElderHouse regularly schedules yoga, pet therapy, garden club, children’s visits, prayer services, special guests, and holiday performers.

Memory Enhancement

The ElderHouse staff recognizes the importance of patient and respectful care for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body, vascular dementia, and other conditions with memory loss. The staff is trained to offer supervised daily programs addressing the special needs of clients with cognitive impairment including reminiscence groups, singing, hands-on crafts, daily skill practice, and body and mind exercises. Exclusive to ElderHouse, throughout the day, clients are welcome to retreat to the peacefulness and comfort of a specially designed, low-stimulus living space.

Activities Calendar